Love at first slice


If you would like to enjoy this delicacy, you can browse through our menu via the link below. You can order the pizza you like from our branch that is closest to you.

Our Delicious Menu

Our main principle, unlike many other pizzerias is offering you an indescribable taste by using fresh dough instead of ready-dough.

Cheese Delights


We are waiting for you with the specially prepared cheese for our pizzas.



Elaborated daily fresh pizza sauce with a secret recipe

Veggie Feast


We are using the freshest and the well-selected daily vegetables.

Little Italy


We bring Italy to you.

Hot and Spicy


An indescribable taste awaits you upon our hot sauces and many other special sauces.

Our tastes


We would like to see you in our branches to get information regarding our many other tastes.

Pancetta Pizza

We are happy to serve you with our numerous indescribable tastes.

Unlike other pizzerias in Norway, our goal is to offer you the best pizza available.

Therefore, all of our staff join the Pancetta family after undergoing a meticulously conducted training process.

We strictly do not employ an uneducated staff in any of our branches.

We are at your service with the most substantial menus and many other sauce and spice selections.

Garden salads use a base of leafy greens like lettuce, arugula, kale or spinach to stimulate the appetite as the first course of the meal

Appetizer salad: You can place your order by instantly contacting us; via choosing the branch that is closest to you from the ‘Our Branches’ section. Your pizza will be waiting for you in approximately 20 minutes.


Adamstuen : 22 60 13 13

Briskeby : 24 11 82 44

Grefsen : 22 22 27 70

Bjølsen : 23 00 98 88

Majorstuen : 22 59 90 90