Our Story

The goal of Pancetta which has started its service in 1996 along with our first branch, is to offer the authentic and special Italian pizza to whole community.


In contrast to many other pizzerias, we serve you with our daily fresh dough and other products.

Nowadays, there are many other firms trying to imitate Pancetta and offer its services.


You can regard the fact that we are being imitated as a proof of serving at a high quality.

Please note that imitations always keep the originals alive.

Our aim and goal is to bring the delicacies we offer to all of Norway soon.

From Our Hearts

Our dear valued customers,

please note that the tastes of instant products never replace the original and there are always extra additives in instant products.

Please avoid using instant products and pizzas that include instant products for your health.

You can see the pictures regarding the preparations of our pizzas via Instagram and stay informed about our special offers and updates by following us on social media.

Pancetta Pizza


The taste of a pizza happens by the accurate proportioning of the ingredients used in it.


One of the biggest secret of Pancetta pizza lies behind the pizza sauces for sure.


You cannot find our pizza sauce which has been elaborated and put into your service after being rested in the special resting environment for a certain period anywhere.


Adamstuen : 22 60 13 13

Briskeby : 24 11 82 44

Grefsen : 22 22 27 70

Bjølsen : 23 00 98 88

Majorstuen : 22 59 90 90